We report from ‘The Big Finish’

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 11.59.29Close to 200 people joined Jon Flynn at The Big Finish this morning, as he ran the last 2 miles of his extraordinary 2017 mile challenge. In keeping with the understated style that Jon is well known for, he crossed the finish line dressed as a helicopter to massive cheers and whoops from everyone there. You can watch the video and see all the photos here on our Facebook page. Meridian TV were there too, for an item that will be shown this evening at 1825.

The Big Finish is the last event that we will run as Fit For Felix. It provided the opportunity for the Barrow family to say a few words to everyone, with brave speeches from Felix’s younger sister Amelia, dad Stuart, and Felix himself. From all of them, to all of you, a massive thank you for helping set Felix up for the rest of his new life.

Team Fit For Felix.