The reason

51396973Vanessa & Stuart Barrow, Felixs parents, explain what happened on 7th October 2015:

“OK. Here goes. On 7th October, our lives were changed forever when Felix, our happy, funny, determined & positive son, was involved in a road traffic accident outside our home in Swanmore. He was flown to Southampton General Hospital by the Hampshire & IOW Air Ambulance, and placed in a medically-induced coma. Among his many injures, Felix had suffered a traumatic brain injury, which we were told would be severe and potentially life-limiting. After four weeks in intensive care and four weeks in a high dependency unit, we moved into a side room to ensure Felix got the rest he needed to allow him to give 100% during his neuro-physio rehab. Over the course of all those testing weeks, we experienced every emotion possible, from utter despair, anger and numbness, to tears of joy.”

“Felix has made slow but steady progress, with a few speed bumps thrown in to make his journey more interesting. Despite this, he has constantly exceeded all expectations and pushed himself forward – just as he did when he was competing”

boy-am_2629661a“While all this has been going on, Stuart and I have been supported by the most amazing family, friends and total strangers!! From prayers, picking up/dropping off Charlotte & Amelia, meals delivered, grass cut and financial support, we’ve seen it all! We could not have got this far without you guys, and I don’t think we could ever thank you enough. Our journey is still only in its infancy but I am thankful for everyday that we remain on it’s path.”

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