Taking on Mount Kilimanjaro

climbing-kilimanjaro-ona-budgetAfter much deliberation and discussion, Vanessa Barrow and Kirsty Williams have challenged eachother to jointly climb Mount Kilimanjaro in October 2017 – the anniversary of Felixs life-changing accident. This is no mean feat – Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, rising to over 19,000ft above sea level. The girls seized the moment at last weeks Quiz For Felix to make their announcement, to much applause from the 100+ people there.

Asked why she wants to climb Kilimanjaro, Vanessa commented, “People have been so generous towards Fit For Felix since it was launched, that I feel it is time for me to do something extraordinary too. This adventure will not only be a massive personal challenge, it will also ensure that the fundraising for HIOWAA, PICU and Felix’s future will continue.”

climb-kilimanjaroKirsty added, “Vanessa and I have talked about this for years. We always said we would do it before we reached 50, and that gets closer every day! Now is the right time to put the dream into reality. When Felix was seriously injured last October, I was inspired by his courage and determination to push myself out of my own comfort zone. This is the result. I am delighted to be able to combine my ambitions with raising money for the amazing people who helped save Felix’s life, as well being able to provide for his future.”

More details about this epic challenge will be released in due course, both here and on our Facebook page. Meanwhile, we wish Vanessa and Kirsty every success with their training program, which starts today…