Jon Flynn starts his 200th consecutive run

20046794_10210560623544526_583679746729052338_n The inspirational that is Jon Flynn checks in ahead of his 200th run tomorrow…

Tomorrow marks my 200th consecutive run. Every day since 1st January, I have run over 5 miles. I vividly remember the first run on that day. I have never felt such an overwhelming feeling of “I can’t do this”. “I shouldn’t have committed to this”. “Is it too late to pull out?”
Despite these feelings I thought, well just give it a go today and see how it goes. The first month I tried not to talk to many people about it. That way I knew I might be able to drop out early. People found out. The Meon Valley news phoned for an article. Alastair Walton came for a chat. Children at school asked about it and donated. I shared stories of badgers, icy roads and gloves! I wasn’t going to be able to drop out now.
I’d see Felix up at school and feel invigorated.
Then I pushed hard through to February. Maybe, if I did extra I wouldn’t have to run in Wales whilst on residential. Not a chance. I was hooked by the daily commitment. Obsessed with the challenge to raise money and run daily.
BBC Radio Solent came next, so off we went. A pleasure to share a car journey with Alastair, Stuart and Felix. Whilst speaking to Julian Clegg on air, I felt so emotional about it all. Remembering the times I visited Felix in PICU with Vanessa.
Such an inspirationally positive family. So, I kept going.
Stag dos, festival days and the heat arrived. I thought it’d get easier. It didn’t. I got fitter and pushed myself more.
The donations kept rolling in. Some people donating multiple times. Some people donating who I’d never met. Others that I’ve not met since primary school. Each one made my heart leap. So generous. So many kind messages.
Swanage residential was hard. However Felix’s sister was there and it reminded me of the Barrow resolve.
Just keep going. One day at a time.
Yesterday I spoke to Felix’s mum and she said he’d just got back from a weeks residential. He is unbelievably strong. Just keeps going. One day at a time. As do the family. It is awe-inspiring to see. I’m proud to know them.
I find myself here. Lying in bed following an early run. My ever-forgiving wife Hannah, supporting me all the way. Thinking… what time shall I go out tomorrow?
Much love and with extra thanks for all the thoughts that come my way.
Whatever challenge you face in life remember; just keep going…one day at a time. You’ll get there ❤️