The inspiration

photo (2) Bradley is a friend of Felix. The phrase “Fit For Felix” came from him. Here is what his mum had to say:

“When Bradley knew Felix had been in an accident, he was very shocked but assumed that he would be back at school fairly quickly. As the extent of the injuries that Felix sustained became apparent, Bradley became more and more anxious with regards to his welfare. When I told him that Felix would not be back at school for a long while, he was very quiet. Then he asked if I could buy him a fluorescent jacket as he wanted to start running. Bradley said that he thought he should get fit for Felix in order that they could run together when Felix was able to do so.”

Those were Bradleys words, and the idea for “Fit For Felix” was born.

“Since then, Bradley has run every evening without fail. He asked whether or not there could be a sponsored run for Felix, that he and his friends could be involved in. He wanted in some way to be able to do something for Felix. I told him this was a brilliant idea, and that I would speak to people close to him to make it happen. Bradley spent hours designing a logo for Fit For Felix. He has also dragged me, Dave, brothers, sisters and friends to join his daily runs!”

“Even just writing this makes me feel emotional, because I am very proud of Bradley, and very hopeful for Felix and his family. It would be absolutely lovely to think that this idea enables all of us to do something positive to help him.”