Felix wins Alistair Brownlees trainers!

12697424_1115915438441912_3968972243282502874_oThe celebrity interaction keeps coming Felixs way through all sorts of routes – this week it’s through Alistair Brownlees trainers! Alistair is the current Olympic, European and Commonwealth triathalon champion, having won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics and the 2014 Commonwealth Games. He is a two-time Triathlon World Champion, a three-time World Team Champion and a three-time European Champion. His brother Jonathan Brownlee is also a triathlon champion.

Anyway, last week the Triathalon Shop in Bristol asked for details of inspirational people they could donate a pair of signed trainers to. Felixs mum Vanessa answered the call! From hundreds of responses, the guys at the Triathalon Shop chose Vanessa, and a pair of signed Adidas running shoes are on their way!

What a great present for Felix, who is fast approaching the ability to be able to put them on. Keep up to date with his progress here.

Our huge thanks go to the guys at the Triathalon Shop in Bristol.