Run 2017 miles in 2017. Can it be done?

15826471_10208946464671563_5320770669792193008_nMeet Jon Flynn – legendary teacher at Swanmore Primary School and all-round great chap. Jon took part in many of the Fit For Felix events last year, has been a huge supporter of the campaign since day one. For 2017, Jon has decided to up-the-ante by setting a very ambitious personal target. Jon decided he was going to raise £2,017 (you can donate here) by running an incredible 2017 miles.

That’s 5.5 miles. Every day. For a year.

We caught up with Jon earlier this week to see how he was settling in to his new regime. He has already covered 126 miles, burned 15,000 calories and lost 1/2 a stone! He has normally has his trainers on by 5.30 every morning, and typically chooses the old railway line from Wickham up towards Swanmore as his route. Needless to say, at that time of the morning in January, Jon is not alone. He tells us “I had a particularly scary moment last week, when a barn owl suddenly came straight down at me out of the pitch black! Awesome to see one up close, but I could have done with a bit of notice!”

Jon embodies what Fit For Felix is all about – getting fit and doing something a little out of the ordinary. We’ll report to you on his progress through the year. Meanwhile, please help Jon towards his amazing target by going to his crowdfunding page, and post your message of support right here where Jon posts his own results every day.

Thank you.